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Community Management has never been easier.

The Ultimate Social Listening Guide

Everyone has a voice on social media, and you want to make sure your business hears the right ones—the people talking about your brand. Native apps do their best to feed you relevant posts, but it’s not always enough to help your business grow. You need to know exactly when your own brand voice needs to be heard.

That’s what social listening is all about. Done properly, it lets you know when and where people are discussing your business, so you can become part of the conversation at exactly the right time.

This guide will show you exactly how to make social listening work for your business.

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Finding Influencers on Social Media

Influencers are a fantastic business accelerator for those that know how to leverage them. With the right influencer partner you can drastically widen your reach and deepen your relationships with your customers online and offline.

In the last article, we reviewed the types of influencers and which would make the best partner for your business. Below, we’ll cover where they can be found and how to find the most likely candidates.

Let's get started, shall we?

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The 27 Best Community Manager Groups on the Web

No matter what type of community you manage, you'll find other people who share your passion (and will want to share their ideas) in our rundown of the 27 best online groups for community managers!

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Social Influencers, and Why Your Business Needs Them

You can use influencers to extend the reach of your brand by getting them to mention or reference your brand to their audience. Or, you can set up a special event or production and have the influencer be a part of it.

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10 Ways Your Startup Can Be Better at Social Media

Why do some companies find so much success on social, while others struggle? What makes some companies have such popular social media accounts, and what can you do to get the same sort of popularity? We’ll look at 10 simple ways to improve your social media presence and bring in more business—whether you’re looking to grow your current following or get started on a new platform.

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What Twitter's Automation Crackdown Means for Your Business

Twitter recently made drastic changes to their rules around automation. While this might make some marketers very nervous, the reality is that it opens the door for businesses to build strategies around genuine engagement. We'll explain exactly what that means, and show how to run a successful Twitter marketing strategy despite the automation crackdown.

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The Best Length for Everything on the Internet

You have all your social media accounts set up... now what? How do you know what — and how long — to write to make the best of your time and effort? Look no further: we have all the info you need right here.

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3 Outside of the Box Examples of Social Media Engagement

Curation is all the rage today. People are generally are so busy and distracted that they rely on other people to hand-pick and deliver some of their everyday items that they care about most, such as food, clothes, cosmetics, music news and even socks.

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Introducing Chime: Your Very Own Expert Community Manager!

Chime offers a way for businesses of all sizes to get a professional, dedicated community management team without the headache of wrangling freelancers or the cost of hiring a full-service agency. It’s the perfect solution for companies who know they could be doing more to  grow and engage their community online, but just don’t have the time or resources to do it themselves.

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Instagram Influencers for Consumer Brands

It’s no secret that most people trust a recommendation from a friend more than a sales pitch from a company. One study found that 92% of people report trusting the recommendation of another person — even one they don’t know — more than a pitch from a brand.

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