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Community Management has never been easier.

The 27 Best Community Manager Groups on the Web

No matter what type of community you manage, you'll find other people who share your passion (and will want to share their ideas) in our rundown of the 27 best online groups for community managers!

Community managers come in many forms, from moderators of an online community to managers at a physical co-working space.

Successful community managers are great at connecting with and empowering others. They also have deep knowledge of their particular topic.

One thing about communities—no matter whether you’re running a professional networking group, a product development community, or any other type of interest group, you’re bound to share similar challenges when it comes to retention and engagement. It’s not enough to simply start a group, you need to have active members for it to thrive and grow.

Below is a hefty list of some of the best community groups around. Some are specifically geared toward community managers, while others are more topic specific.

Everyone needs a place where you can brainstorm, problem solve, and yes, share a laugh with colleagues. No matter your platform of choice, there’s a group waiting for you.

4 Well-Known Community Groups


You probably know Slack excels at internal communication and collaboration. But are you getting the most from it by plugging into groups relevant to your interests?

One we love for its friendly and helpful nature is the social media-focused Buffer channel. Yep, run by the folks who created the popular scheduling tool, this group offers an accountability element and even a meet “someone new channel” to help you get acclimated. Plus, it always has updated information on the fast-paced world of social.


Best known for in-person events, this is a great way to power up your networking. From breakfasts to happy hours, location-based meetups often offer educational presentations and the chance to actually say hi to people you may have only met online.

To find a meetup group near you, Google “community manager meetups + your city.”


The popular Q&A site can be a great resource for those researching questions around community managers (or any other question, really). Search “community manager” and you’ll find some of the most frequently asked questions, and their corresponding thoughtful answers. Sample questions include: “What does it take to be a great community manager?” and “What career path can a community manager expect?”


Go beyond the breaking news and funny memes to the subreddits. With 100,000 communities surrounding all sorts of topics, there is a wealth of information to be found here. The Community Manager Subreddit is a perfect place to get started.

We also hear that reddit is currently working to bring back an updated version of the chatroom, which would provide for real-time discussions (if it takes off).

LinkedIn Groups

Community Managers

The heart of community management is connecting with people. If your role requires you to reach out to bloggers and web communities, then this group may be for you. With over 4,000 members, it’s active, and because it’s LinkedIn, it offers a tempered approach. You’ll find tried and true responses here.

Community Managers (Social Media Managers)

This is for community managers who primarily manage social media groups. This nearly 12,000-member group offers plenty of input and best practices for both the novice and seasoned community manager.

Facebook Groups


Product Hunt

If you’re building a software product, you need feedback to make it even better and develop your marketing angle. The Product Hunt Facebook Group is the community to find that feedback and more.

Community Builders

Focused exclusively on the philosophy behind communities and specific community building techniques, this group is the place to discuss purpose, audience, metrics, goals, and everything else that goes into successful communities.


Established by CMX, the community builder’s professional networking group, this group is a rich resource for discussion, education, and networking opportunities. If you’re planning on attending the annual CMX conference, this would be an especially useful group for a little pre-attendee networking.


Created for users of the freelance marketplace, Cloudpeeps, this group is for networking and questions about using Cloudpeeps.

Community Roundtable

This is a resource created by the community management professionals behind TheCR Network producers of The State of Community Management 2018, a Special Report outlining the things that matter right now in the community.

Geared toward full-time professional community managers with resources, this group takes a corporate-style approach to community management.

Instagram Marketing Community by Later

All Instagram, all the time. If it’s time to level up your Instagram game, join this group to discover what’s working on the most popular visual platform.

Community Manager, Advocate, and Evangelist

The oldest community manager group on Facebook, it was started 11 years ago, and is still a great resource for useful discussions and networking.

Twitter Chats


My Community Manager @myCMGR

For content of interest to community building on Twitter. One recent gem included an ingenious way to encourage misbehaving community members to straighten up their act.

A monthly Twitter chat occurs the first Friday of the month.


The popular scheduling tool, Hootsuite, hosts a regular Twitter chat to discuss issues and concerns in the world of social media. Recent topics include proving the ROI of social media and Instagram best practices.

Other resources:


Perhaps best known as a blogging platform, Medium offers the opportunity for brands to build a community around the written word.

Github (for developers)

Over 28 million developers use this platform to share ideas and build software. It’s no surprise that some of them manage other developer communities. Github can be a good place to see what’s working… and what’s not.

Other Web-Based Communities



With a tagline of “Build a Better Online Community,” FeverBee is a community platform where you can create your own online community and/or participate in an existing one.

One community you can join is specifically for community managers, where you can ask questions like, “How do you manage negative behavior in a forum?” and get real-life responses from other professionals.

Mighty Networks

Billed as a platform where creators can launch a community and get paid for their work – we like the premise and the usability of Mighty Networks. It provides an easy-to-use way to deliver courses to your members (which is a feature we like).

There’s even a pro-level community manager group where you can network and gain access to educational resources. You can apply here.

Or search for networks within your interests here.

Mighty Hosts

Geared toward those running their community on Mighty Networks, this is the hub for everything from explaining why and how to use Mighty Networks to building your community to new features rolling out.


Whether or not you consider yourself a growth hacker, successful community managers recognize trends and ways to recognize and retain productive community members.

Within the Growth Hacker community, topics range from Q&A sessions with marketing pros to what Facebook metrics to track.


Originating in San Francisco and dedicated to all things mobile, this networking group has grown to 60 chapters in over 30 countries in just four years.

While not specifically focused on community managers, it is a leading resource for all things mobile and a great way to meet product developers, marketers, and other industry professionals.

GrowthHub (previously Inbound.org)

With the recent shutdown of Inbound.org, GrowthHub is reconfiguring itself as a new community centered on all things inbound marketing. If you were part of the Inbound.org site, you can port your profile over to GrowthHub.

Co-founder Dharmesh Shah says they’re still figuring out what the new community will be like, but whatever shape it takes, it’s bound to be a hot zone for marketers in the know.

Freelance Friday

The freelance life comes with a lot of perks (#yogapants) but one downside is that it can be lonely. Enter Freelance Friday. Billed as “a global community for independents, creatives, and entrepreneurs,” they offer in-person co-working events around the world as well as business skills education, such as how to keep the work flowing.

Community Academy

This may be one of our favorite community groups focused on community managers. Want to reinvigorate your posts? Check out samples of engaging posts that other community managers have shared. Want examples of how to create event successful invites? Yep, those are here too.


Do you love building a community? Do you want to collaborate with community managers from around the world to discover their best tips and tools? Then join Community Builders. Membership requires you to have an existing community as well as a positive attitude about building the best community you can.

Mobilize Champions

Brought to you by Moblize, a leader in political causes, this app helps politically focused community managers connect with and inspire a Millennials during election season.

As you can see, this is lengthy but no means comprehensive list of groups for community managers of all types. Do you have a favorite group? If so, please share in the comments below!

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Kelso Kennedy

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