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Chime was born in the Vancouver Redstamp offices in 2016, after we got yet another referral for community management. Over our years of client work, we noticed a colossal gap in this market, between the cheaper-than-dirt (and almost as good) freelancers and the overpriced agencies. We saw a problem we could solve — so we created Chime.


So many “done for you” solutions are really “done half as well as you could do it.” We want the opposite experience: community management done better than you could do it.

Customer Experience
Customer experience

We’ve designed every single part of the customer experience with precision and respect for your time, while delivering the best experience possible.


We’ve thought about all the long-term effects of our business choices. We’re building a solid foundation, and we’re here to stay.

Honesty & transparency

We’ll never hide behind corporate speak — it’s our goal to keep you in the loop at every turn. That's why you can reach us in whatever way works best for you, and you have access to all your data, at all times.


Spencer Ririe
Kelso Kennedy
Allie Fisher
Head Community Manager

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