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Startups & SMBs

Improve brand awareness and engage your target audience $1,999

Core features

  • Up to 50 Social Engagements
  • 8 Instagram Feed Posts
  • 4 LinkedIn Posts
  • 1 Blog Post
  • 1 Newsletter


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DTC & eComm

Build an engaged audience to support your conversion goals $4,149

Core features

  • Up to 200 Social Engagements
  • 16 Instagram Feed Posts
  • 2 x 15-sec TikTok Videos
  • Up to 20 Outreach Messages
  • 2 Blog Plus Posts


All features listed below…


B2B & Web3

Grow lead opportunities with targeted community content $3,849

Core features

  • Up to 100 Social Engagements
  • 10 LinkedIn Posts
  • Up to 10 Targeted Outreach
  • 2 Blog Pro Posts
  • 1 Quora Answer


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Thought Leadership

Strengthen your reputation with valuable and current industry content $995

Core Features

  • Up to 25 Social Engagements 
  • 10 Tweets
  • 2 LinkedIn Posts
  • 1 Article Post


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All Features
Startups & SMBs
DTC & eComm
B2B & Web3
Thought Leadership

Social Engagements

Up to 50

Up to 200

Up to 100

Up to 25


8 Posts

16 Posts

4 Posts

IG Motion Stories



TikTok / IG Reels Style Videos



10 Tweets

8 Tweets

20 Tweets

10 Tweets


4 Posts

10 Posts

10 Posts


4 Posts

10 Posts

2 Posts


12 Pins

Targeted Outreach

Up to 5

Up to 20

Up to 10


1 Regular Blog Post

(Up to 500 words)

2 Blog Plus Posts

(Up to 750 words)

2 Blog Pro Posts

(Up to 1000 words)

1 Article Post

(Up to 500 words)

Email Newsletter




Managed Digital Ad Spend*

Up to $500

Up to $2000

Up to $2000

All Chime Plans Include:

  • Brand Discovery Session
  • Communication Strategy
  • Royalty-Free Stock Images
  • Weekly Status Updates
  • Monthly Reporting & Recommendations
  • Social Audit and Cleanup
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Mon-Fri Platform Monitoring
  • Goal alignment meetings (every 4 months)

Your needs don't quite fit into one plan?

No problem — click here to contact us and we’ll help you build just what you need.

Available add-ons include:

Interview/Q&A Videos | Podcasts | Newsletters | Quora Answers | Event Monitoring | Google Review Monitoring | Custom Communities | eBooks | Blog Posts | Social Media Platforms

(Adjust at anytime, scaling up as events approach or dialing back during slow seasons.)

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What if I have a specific promotions or events I want you to post about?

Your account manager will be in regular communication with you, talking about what’s going on in your business, and working together to put together a plan to get more results from your community. That means you can give them the heads up whenever you want about a new product launch or promotion you have on the horizon.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope! We believe you’ll quickly see Chime’s value. We’ll take care of your community while you focus on the rest of your business. If you decide to cancel (for whatever reason), just let us know. We’re only here to help.

Am I working with one account manager?

Yes. All teams include North American based account managers. You’ll communicate directly with them to hand off tasks, and get updates on the metrics and results from your social and content programs.

How many people are on the Chime team?

A lot. Chime is powered by the same marketing, strategy, content, and design teams of our parent company Redstamp. Depending on your industry and package, your team may be comprised of Community Managers, Social Media Managers, Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Marketing Managers, and/or Content Creators. Your Chime management leverages a deep and experienced roster of talent.